light well railing contemporary iron metal design

‘Arnolds’ light well railings

These light well railings form part of the extensive refurbishment to a private home in the Ashdown forest, East Sussex. Working closely with landscape designer Hannah Oakden  we developed a cohesive package of work that included pedestrian gates, automated driveway gates, as well as various railings


Balliol College Handrails

The Balliol College handrails were the final instalment in a much larger project with Architects Penwarden Hale. This involved the redesign of the the colleges porters lodge, through which staff and students access this world famous university. We had previously designed and forged a pair


Twist gate and railing

The twist gate and railing has a clean, modern feel and uses some of the building blocks of forged metalwork within its design. Hot punched holes with the signature 'swelling' connect each of the vertical bars. These bars are in turn twisted through 90 degrees and


Newick staircase balustrade

The Newick staircase balustrade was designed as part of a comprehensive redevelopment of this Sussex family home. The original wooden staircase and handrails had more than a touch of the 1970's about them. So our clients were seeking a lighter and less dominant balustrade solution.


Ahlberg Garden Handrails

These garden handrails run continuously for over 25m, following the steps to the entrance of this Sussex property. The design compliments the Plate gates which formed part of the same commission. We combined the modern design of the handrails with traditional forged joinery techniques. The result


Meadow Balcony

Our Meadow balcony is the final instalment of a larger package of work for this new build house in the Ashdown Forest. We designed the balcony to compliment existing railings that we had previously made at the entrance to the property. Our forged iron balustrade features


Branch handrails

Our recently completed Branch handrails provided the finishing touches to a series of hewn granite steps. Forged from steel with a tactile custom top rail, the handrails are a key feature in the entrance to our clients home. Although appearing simple at first the design features


Meadow Railing

Our Meadow railing is part of an ongoing package of work for this client which to date also includes the Flow railing. The forged metal work design features a repeat pattern which takes its inspiration from plants and grasses. Each of the components is meticulously

Flow Pond Railing

Flow pond railing

Our Flow pond railing was commissioned by clients keen to safely enclose a newly landscaped water feature. The design features an innovative 'broken' top rail, unlike more conventional railing layouts. The fluid design was inspired by the flow of water and presented lots of challenges