Primrose Hill garden bench

This 2 seater bench is our take on the classic wrought iron park bench. We have made numerous versions of this over the years, from large 6 seater curves to riveted tree seats. This particular design is perfect for the smaller more intimate spaces within


Pergolas for Hogarth’s House

These three metal pergolas were recently designed and fabricated for the newly refurbished gardens of the 18th century artist, William Hogarth. Hogarths House is in Chiswick, West London and the pergolas recreate a 'Nut walk' that featured in the original garden. Hazel has recently been planted


Garden Arches

For this project we designed a series of linked garden arches that followed the line of a garden path. Each metal arch was connected together with a series of round bars. These steel bars were fixed under tension  and so echo the curved form of


Curved bench

The Curved bench came out of a desire to rework the traditional garden bench pattern that we have previously worked with. We updated the design, giving it a more contemporary twist. Using the same timeless forged techniques, we have added features such as adjustable feet

Vaulted metal Pergola

Vaulted metal pergola

We made this vaulted metal pergola for a walled garden in East Sussex. The pergola is cantilevered from the patio wall and uses stainless steel wire  along its length to support the nearby wisteria. We used a galvanised and patinated finish on the pergola frame which