Newick staircase balustrade

The Newick staircase balustrade was designed as part of a comprehensive redevelopment of this Sussex family home. The original wooden staircase and handrails had more than a touch of the 1970's about them. So our clients were seeking a lighter and less dominant balustrade solution.


Holly Fire Basket

The Holly fire basket was inspired by the name of our clients home. The design combines traditional forged joinery with playful plant and leaf motifs. As with all our commissions we produced custom tooling to forge the holly berry details. As well as this fire basket,


Continuous line railing

This Railing is part of a recent body of work that explores the idea of a continuous line and our perceptions of it. What at first sight appears simple is in fact an exacting and complex form, informed by pattern and negative space. Using forged details


Fold fire basket

The Fold fire basket is part of the "Continuous line" series. This is a recent body of work that explores forging and bending within the parameters of a single line. The design of this modern fire basket combines simplicity and function with heritage craft skills.

fire dogs

Fire Dogs

We forge our iron fire dogs using traditional blacksmith techniques.  This ensures that the dogs, or andirons as they are sometimes known, are not only beautiful to look at but also extremely well made. This particular design was inspired by the wonderfully fluid movement found within