Primrose Hill garden bench

This 2 seater bench is our take on the classic wrought iron park bench. We have made numerous versions of this over the years, from large 6 seater curves to riveted tree seats. This particular design is perfect for the smaller more intimate spaces within a garden. Handmade in our Sussex forge our garden bench uses traditional hot riveted detailing throughout. This results in an extremely strong and durable piece of iron work. When you combine this with a hot dip galvanised finish, the result is garden seating  that will last many decades.

This bench was commissioned by clients for their Primrose Hill town house. We designed adjustable feet into the base to ensure a level footing and even enlarged the arm rests to ensure they could comfortably accommodate  G and T’s  on a summers evening. It’s often the little things that count!

Available in a wide range of colours and in any size or shape. North London 2020.