Spade garden gates

The Spade garden gates are the latest instalment of work for some long standing clients. These 2 gates were conceived as a means of linking 2 areas within the property that are bisected by a country lane. The gates face each other, one leading into the front garden and the other a wild meadow. We suggested that by using the same design this would help connect the 2 spaces.

Our clients are avid gardeners and so we developed these overlapping spade motifs as a playful nod to this. Both of these gates ignore the normal conventions of gate design and get their inherent strength from oversized forged fixings.

We focus a lot on the day too day functionality of what we make and so latches are a key element. The spade gates use perfectly weighted pivots on the top rail, guaranteeing a perfect ‘clunk’ every time.

As with much of our work the gates combine traditional hand forged construction with a modern design. The gate frames are all tenoned together and all metalwork is galvanised and patinated.

One of the gates sits happily in front of a series of curved interlinking garden arches that we made several years previously.

East Sussex,  2020.