Scrolls,scrolls,scrolls and a bit of site work

The art nouveau balustrade is finished, looks great and awaits the galvaniser, meanwhile onto the next job. This is a series of scrolls which interlock to form a repeat pattern for a series of step plates. I have spent the last couple of days forging the scroll dogs and drawing out 60+ tapers under the hammer, first couple were great fun but by no. 50 odd I was beginning to wain. This is when furnace and power hammer combo really come into their own.

Yesterday was spent on site fitting a lovely pair of traditional estate style gates. A classic timeless design tennoned and riveted together and hurrah! the client was up for painting them something other than black. I always think it a shame to paint everything black when ironwork can often look much more interesting in other colours. Anyway check out the pictures in the gates section of the gallery .